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  • Showing your cards

    I religiously read Donkey Fish Poker Forum, and the subject of showing your cards came up. Instead of wasting their space which I do too much of, I decided to write a quick blog about the subject.

    Basically I have 2 very different strategies on this one, one for ring games and one for tournaments. Let's start with ring games. First of all when I set out to a ring game, I usually grind out a 8-12 hour session just like a day at work... arggggggggggg!!! So hopefully I am playing with the same fish with unlimited bankrolls. At the beginning of a session, I want to portray a loose table image as quickly as possible.

    And part of portraying a loose image is by showing cards. Let's create an example. Limit game say 6/12. I am in LP with 78s. EP raises and gets 3 cold callers behind him. I 3-bet from here for a couple reasons,1) create a pot I can draw into 2) Possibly have the flop check around to me 3) portray a loose player! So let's say I hit a dream board and no one calls my river bet? I might show my cards early in a session to show I am loose but to me this is not loose! On there reverse let's say I completely miss, bet the whole way thru and no one calls my river bet? I might show my cards early in a session to show I am not afraid to bluff!

    Okay on both of these situations I showed my hand. A couple orbits swing by and we are in the same situation but I have AA. EP raises, 3 cold callers and I 3-bet! Now what is going through the original raisers head? This guys 3-bet me early with 78s, I am going to punish him with my KQ and 4-bet! Now I take down the pot without a river call because the poor guy missed his paint, do I show? FUCK NO! I want to maintain my loose image! I really like to change gears a lot so I will add this in every couple hours or so.

    I get into so many weak players heads with plays like these it is not even funny! I have been offered by players not in the hand, 1BB to show my cards! Did I? Depends if I need some more psychological warfare! The other thing is do not pay attention to a good player showing cards! No doubt they are doing the same thing! I always get a chuckle out of players who pick up on this trick. Usually when they flash their cards, they are directed at me!

    Now let's move onto tournaments. In a deep stack tournament, I use a lot this as well. However, I will usually only show good quality hands early on in the tournament. I do this to hopefully pick up some blinds when they are bigger! In a normal tournament, I will rarely show my cards because you are never playing with the same players for too long!

    Another good point to these is when you are playing out of league. Against skilled players, I try not to get to cute and fancy because their reading skills are usually a lot better and will pick up on it!

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    posted by Tiny @ 7/25/2006 02:45:00 AM   25 comments

    Howdy all! Sorry for the delay inbetween post however I have been busy with some weekend vacations, work, etc. And I can honestly say it wss a good couple weeks from online play!

    I ended June with one of my best months yet, and that does not even include bonusing! I know I have always been a decent MTT player however it was not until June that I really saw this. I was consistenly cashing sometimes in 7 tournaments at the same time! Does this mean I have learned a bit? more experienced? worse opponents? I really do not think it is any of this! I think it is because I have a focus now! If I want to obtain the majority of my income from poker, I need to have this focus!

    So I came back to online play today and I wanted to try out the concept of heebing. Heebing is an online term used to take a small amount of money and build it into a fat roll! Well I looked on my Excel sheet and noticed I had $1.17 on Poker Time that I left there after withdrawing from it in June.

    So I decided to make a full day of grinding! I started out playing $.05/$.10 LHE. WOW! What a crazy game! People calling all the way to the river with non-tripped pocket pairs, calling at the river with J high, 4 betting weak draws, etc. Anyway I built it up to $2.90. I took my profit and played a $2.20 multi SNG with 30 players. Took it down for $15. Next I proceeded to go 7 straight HU matches undefeated.

    So my roll is around $43 at this point. I sign up for a $2500 GTD MTT with a $15 buy-in. I end up getting just sick cards and every draw was hitting! By the second level I had T18,000 and we only started with T1500. I cruise to the final table and end up hitting 3rd for $450! So I just turned $1 into $450!!! I thought it was nutz! I had to pinch myself to make sure it was not one of my sick and twisted dreams! So I think I am going to take this bankroll and keep it seperate from my other one! I might try to start bonusing again!
    Not much else going on! I have been trying to keep up with the WSOP this year. Sounds like the Rio is really fucking things up! More posts to come tomorrow!!

    posted by Tiny @ 7/23/2006 11:38:00 PM   0 comments
    Nightmare MTTs

    What a night of MTT fish, donks and cake-eaters! Played in 7 MTT on Party Poker and in all of them I was in great position to finish very high if it were not for horrible plays. First let me talk about the tournaments I cashed. $55 MTT was a grind the whole way. I kept going up and up and up. I was top 5 in chips most of the tournament which I felt really good about! Pulled off some big hands and made some big moves. Top 10 got paid and I made it the final table 5th in chips, chip leader had a massive lead.

    Final table blinds are T2000/T4000 antes are T100. I have T44000. Not a bad stack but the chip leader was at T130000. First hand of the final table I get KK UTG. I really am stuck here. Either limp in and hope to get one of the smaller stacks to push all-in or should I push all-in? Opinions? Well I push all-in. Folds around to the BB who has T47000. He chews on it for the whole clock and then the back up clock. He ends up protecting his blind and jeopardizing his whole tournament on A4o. Come one buddy you had plenty of chips! You are dead if I have Ace anything! He ends up hitting an Ace on the turn and I go out in 10th for $258. Not bad but argggggggggggggggggggggg!!!

    Next cash was a $22 MTT. Pretty much grinded into the money for $128. Would have had a monster stack if I didn't run my King high flush into the nut flush. Now the $20K MTT really fucked me and I am still absolutely irrate about it! 10 out of the money, I am sitting well off at the T800/T1600 level when I get AA. UTG raises to T12000, leaving himself with T48000, I have T75000 and push all-in. He types,"I was on a steal...but I am pot committed!" and calls with 6To, flop comes out TT3 and I am crippled. So I thought maybe the $40K GTD will be better, not! Half way through the $40K I am sitting above average. Blinds are T400/T800 and I have T28000 I get Kc9c in the cut-off with 3 limpers. I make it T2000 trying to take control of this hand! BB calls as well as the limpers. Pot is T4400. Flop comes 10cJcQh. I flop second nuts with 4 to the second nut flush. Checked around to me so I bet T4400 and get one caller from MP. Turn comes 7d. I still look good right? Well MP decides to push me all-in! I insta-call and if it was live I would proudly flip up my str8 while he flips up his 2 pair with Q7. Then smack the 7h hits the board giving him a boat! WTF!!! These donks drove me crazy all night!

    Overall not a bad night. Invested $170 into tournaments and won $360 for a profit of $190. I still need to get in the top 3 of one of these monster tournaments! The $20K GTD first place was like $4K and for the $40K it was like $10K. I seem to always have a shot but the donks that paid me off the whole way through the tournament catch up with me at the end!
    Fourth of July weekend means I will definetly be taking a break from poker. Maybe the donks will get too drunk and fall off their boats. I take that back, I love them but they get old. Hope everyone a safe holiday weekend and drive safely and 3 things to remember.

    Wear Sun Screen when outide
    Don't be a fool and wrap your tool
    Raise your beer in the air and salute the donks, fish and cake-eaters

    posted by Tiny @ 7/02/2006 12:24:00 AM   2 comments
    I Just Cannot Beat U!

    Sorry about the no post for a while folks, man have I been busy! Oh poor poor me but oh well. I ended up having to cancel some trips and get some work done but I was able to sneak up to the cabin for the weekend! On the way up, we stopped by Grand Casino for a little gambling/poker adventure. My roommate has never played poker in a cardroom so I thought I would break him in!

    Ended up all they had running was a $2/$4 and $3/$6 limit game. I sat my roommate down with $100 on the empty $2/$4 seat and I took the $3/$6, man what absolute horrible players! One guy I had a target on and everytime I beat him in a pot he exclaimed "Tiny I Cannot Beat U!" I was so into his head, I thought he was going to have a nervous breakdown. He was a fish and he deserved it!

    One hand that sticks out is him raising UTG with KQo, he gets 4 callers and it swings around to me with KK so I 3-bet, ends up getting capped with 5 players. Flop comes K93, and he kept on reraising me! He said he thought he had a good read on me, WTF! Limit poker is not that much based on reads plus when I am reraising and not calling and checking, MORON! Couple solid players on the table, I ended up making 2.5 BB/HR even after taking 2 monsterous beats for over $200 in pots!

    My roommate basically played breakeven poker which is actually playing winning poker at such small limits with rake, BB jackpot drop and tipping. It was more a practice session for him to get used to the cardroom atmosphere, rules, suckouts, etc! The real test will be some $6/$12 or $8/$16 at Canterbury. I ended up doing very well at 3-Card Poker. Sat down with a $100 I planned on losing. Going smoothly when all of a sudden I got the great idea to play 2 hands. I ended up getting straights on both of them! Then the dealer hand me an extra black chip and said they had a bonus for a rainbow straight and one of my straights was indeed a rainbow straight! So I tipped her a green chip and was on my way.

    My roommate wanted to play some blackjack and I was not in the mood so I went and threw a $20 into a Reel'Em in Fishing. 10 minutes later I racked my nickel machine up to 5,000 credits and cashed out. Disn't play a single thing for the next hour or so and left the casino up a little under $400. Not to shabby!
    MTTs on PartyPoker are still playing extremely soft. I don't think players really get how bad they are when watching from the other side! I think I played 3 or 4 over the weekend and cashed high in a $55 MTT and bubbled another one. I got screwed on one because the cabin only has dial-up, EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I hope to log in some hours this weekend online, but things could always change cause I am always helping someone out,going to the beach, distracted by beautiful women, grabbing some cocktails, etc!

    posted by Tiny @ 6/29/2006 02:43:00 PM   0 comments
    Bonus Bogarting/Whoring

    I started out playing poker online as a broke college freshman. The question I receive the most about playing online is, "How did you build your poker bankroll?" Most people want to rush online and throw $50 onto Party Poker. They will sit there for months and grind out the $.50/$1.00 tables. Some lose their money right away and some will make a little profit. I built my bankroll with a process called Bonus Bogarting.

    The basics of bonus bogarting are simple: play each poker room and receive the bonus they offer. The key is to deposit the amount of money that will provide the biggest bonus. If I were to offer you $25 or $100, which one would you take? That's what I thought! In return for the bonus, you are required to play a certain amount of hands at the site. Sure you could deposit $100 into Party Poker and get a nice $25 bonus; however, bonus bogarting is a way of hopefully turning your $100 into well over $1000 in just a short period of time.

    How To Get Started

    First of all, you will need to open a Neteller account. Neteller is basically an online bank. Most online poker rooms will not deal with debit cards, credit cards, or land-based banks. Make your first deposit of $100 and you are ready to get started.

    Now you want to achieve the maximum bonus at each site. Start out playing the 'Crypto' sites. Interpoker is a great site to start out at and their bonus consists of depositing $90 and receiving $90 bonus. Other sites that offer great bonuses for a small deposit are Caribbean Sun, Poker Plex, and Will Hill. The real nice part about these bonuses is that you can get them every month! These sites are basically paying you close to $200 a month to play poker.

    Alright, you started with your $100. If your poker skills are not so hot and you break even in play you will still be leaving with $200. Hopefully you finish bonusing at those sites with over $200. You are now ready for the next site. If you do not finish with over $200, don't worry, just go back and bonus there again next month.

    Next bring your $200 to Paradise Poker. They have a great bonus code called GRANNY. This code will get you a 50% bonus up to $100. You just happen to have enough from bonusing at the Crypto sites to take full advantage of this. Ultimate Bet will be your next stop on the bonus bogarting journey. They offer a 40% bonus up to $100, so it will take a $250 deposit to maximize your bonus. After hitting up these bonuses, your bankroll should be well over $600 with breakeven game play. If you are a pretty solid player you can expect to be around the $1000 level.

    With a $600 bankroll there are many options. This is where you start to get the big bonuses. All of the Party Skins (Party Poker, Empire Poker, InterTops, and Multi) offer a 20% bonus up to $100. A $500 deposit maximizes your bonus. Pacific Poker offers a 25% bonus up to $100, so it will only take a $400 deposit. Poker Room offers a 20% bonus up to $100. There are also many other sites that offer very prosperous bonuses.

    I have also developed some tips to maximize your profit while bonus bogarting. First of all, I am assuming you know how to play poker so I will leave poker strategy up to you. When you sign up and download at a new site, make sure you read the rules about their bonuses. Each site is different on how many raked hands you will have to play to receive the bonus. Play the smallest limit tables the site will let you while bonusing. This will allow you to spend less in blinds per orbit equaling more profit.

    Next, try to play full tables. This way you have to pay the blinds less and more hands will be raked. If you feel comfortable with your game, some sites will let you play on more than one table. Sometimes I will have six tables running at one time. The biggest tip I can give you is track your poker play. The best way to do this is with PokerTracker, software that records the hands you play and keeps statistics for you. Think of it as reading the baseball stats in the paper. It tells you your daily profit, what hands you profit the most/least from, what position you profit the most/least from, etc. It will greatly increase the quality of your game and thus increase your profits.

    After a couple months you will have a bankroll of anywhere from $1000-$3000 and your poker skills will increase to the point where you will graduate from bonus bogarting. Remember poker is a long term game and not some get rich quick scheme. See you on the tables.

    posted by Tiny @ 6/22/2006 04:55:00 AM   1 comments
    Simple MTT Strategy

    I have put together some of the tips I have been using lately to play MTTs successfully! This strategy has been working in $6-$55 MTTs and no clue yet how it would work in bigger MTTs. Play tight at the beginning of these tournaments is the most critical tip. There are a lot of fish and they are willing to move their chips all-in in an attempt to double up. Try to stay away from these situations unless you hold a premium hand like AA, KK, QQ, JJ, or AK. EP I will only play AA & KK, late position I will add in the others. Play these hands ultra agressively!

    Do not try and bluff during these early stages. You do not know what type of players your up against and it is really hard to get some of these players to fold. Online players will rarely fold if they have chips in the pot. They will pay you off on your big hands so no need to short-stack yourself early.

    Study your opponents so you know what type of players they are. Later in the tournament and future tournaments, your going to be in situations with these players and you will need to know if they will throw away a hand to a bluff. If they will call with second best hand, or if they will chase draws that are unprofitable. Use all this information you have gained against them when your involved in a hand with them. Make sure you keep notes for future reference!

    Position is extremely important in these tournaments where someone can move all-in. You do not want to waste money on a call that you will have to fold if someone moves all-in on you. If you have cards that you like to see a cheap flop with (Ax suited, suited connector low pocket pair, hands that can really flop big) make sure you do this from late position.

    The outcome of the tournament has very little to do with the early stages of the tournament. Do not get discouraged if you noticed players with huge stacks and you only have a moderate stack, your cards will come. Normally the players who quickly get a huge stack are playing a lot of hands and taking a lot of chances. They normally do not change their strategy when the blinds go up and most of these players normally will lose their stacks.

    Know your pot odds. Do not chase draws when your opponent is making it unprofitable for you. I do not like the chase unless they are letting me for super cheap and I only chase nut hands. No need to chase early in a tournament.

    In the middle stages of the tournament you can loosen your play up a bit. Most of the fish have been knocked out and you are now playing against better players. Use the information you got earlier in the tournament and use it to your advantage.

    In the later rounds you will be playing against better players and you will be seen as a tight solid player because that is the way you played the whole time. When the blinds are high - this is when you can start stealing when the opportunity comes up. Be very careful and if you get caught, you may not be able to try again for a while.
    Avoid playing marginal hands against the Big Stacks and players who can bust you. Take your time and try and pick off short stacks that are desperate and willing to move all-in when you have good hands.

    The fianl table is where you want to be. Once you are there you will find out that it is more about how many chips you have than the cards that you are getting. If you have the chips you can loosen your play up and take chances by pushing people around. If your short stacked you might have to wait for your spot to move all-in.
    Another final table strategy is try not to get involved in multi-way pots. If you have a great hand by all means play it but think before you get involved in a hand. Let the other players but heads, then take advantage of the players that are short stacked.
    Only had the chance yesterday to play one SNG, too much other garbage going on. I was going to play late into the morning but I needed the Zzzzzzzzzzs. Tonight is another busy night but I hope to put in 10 hours of grind tommorrow. Hope all is well with you!

    posted by Tiny @ 6/20/2006 02:24:00 PM   44 comments
    Rainy Mickelson Choke

    Rainy weekend here in Minnesota meant for a lot of online play. Basically all week, I have been playing MTTs on Party Poker and a little bit of bonusing on Crypto sites. The MTTs have been going very well. Played in 11 MTTs during the course of the weekend, and cashed in 9 of them...not too bad. My strategy must be turning around.

    I seem to be able to cash however I seem not to be able to make it into the big money of the tournaments. Take last night for instant, playing perfect cards and all of sudden run into a tough break. 63 players left out of 1410, already in the money. Chip Stack T68,000 blinds T1000/T2000 and I pick up AKs UTG. I limp in(first mistake?) and button raise to T8000, he has T45000 left after raising. SB folds and BB is all-in for T3300. I smooth call. Flop comes AJ3. Needless to say he had AJ and I didn't get any help, stuck out in 59th place for $59 in a $22MTT. Not bad but if I can win that hand I am almost chip leader and can push my way to final table.

    There must be some flaw in my game causing me not to make it further into these MTTs. I am extremely happy to cash in so many but I play the tourneys to win not place in the money. Three hours of work is not worth $39 to me. Total all weekend I spent $211 on tournament entries and cashed out $790. Not horrible but cashing that many times should lead me into a big win. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? Playin too tight?

    The bloggers tour was on Sunday on Pokerstars. I ended up taking 124 out of 2200 people. Great freeroll put on for online bloggers by Pokerstars, wish I could have made it into the cash. Hey at least I outlasted the bounties including the legendary IGGY AKA Guiness.
    What a crazy ending to the US Open? Geoff Ogilvy wins it from the clubhouse as Phil Mickelson had a horrible 18. Mickelson's problem began when he pulled the driver on the tee and sent a slice so far left it nearly careened off the golf course. From there, he tried to carve a 3-iron around a tree and sliced that shot too far left, too. He dumped his third into a bunker and, needing two shots to get down in five and force a playoff, he took three. While some players might have selected a shorter club off the tee for accuracy, Mickelson said he didn't have that option. "I carried only a 4-wood," he said. "I felt like if I hit 4-wood and missed the fairway, I'd be too far back to be able to chase one down there."

    Whatever Phil, the hole was 430 yards. Hit your 5-iron out there 230 into the middle of the fairway, hit your 7-iron onto the green and try to 2 putt for the win or at worst 3 putt for a playoff! All I can say is CHOKE!!! Congrats Ogilvy!!!

    Links of the Blog
    Order Your FTM toady!!!
    FREE $25
    Heads-Up vs. MArk Seif

    posted by Tiny @ 6/19/2006 03:07:00 PM   1 comments
    2006 WSOP Odds

    Here's a list of the top 16 favorites at the 2006 WSOP main event:
    1. Phil Ivey 150-1
    2. Daniel Negreanu 225-1
    3. Howard Lederer 250-1
    4. Phil Hellmuth 250-1
    5. Chris "Jesus" Ferguson 300-1
    6. Gus Hansen 300-1
    7. John Juanda 300-1
    8. Marcel Luske 400-1
    9. Greg Raymer 400-1
    10. Barry Greenstein 400-1
    11. Carlos Mortenson 400-1
    12. Layne Flack 400-1
    13. Scotty Nguyen 400-1
    14. Mike "The Mouth" Matusow 400-1
    15. Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi 400-1
    16. Sam Farha 400-1

    If I were to have to put money a player I would pick Mike Mizrachi, Dan Harrington(500-1) or Ted Forrest(750-1)! No love for the later 2 on the top 16 however I feel they will be strong contenders this year!
    Odds Courtesy of BETUSA
    What a wonderful day out, too bad I am tired from playing that MTT on Party Poker until 8 in the morning. I have been thinking lately that my MTT and SNG ROI for the last couple weeks has been phenominal! I think it is because I have developed a new strategy that has really been working well. First 3-4 blind levels all I do is play absolute premium hands as I try to extract as much out of them as possible. I am talking pretty much only playing AA,KK,AK,QQ and maybe JJ. Last nite I folded QQ twice to a raise early in the tournament and it payed off well. Once the raiser has KK and the other I did not see if I made the right move.

    Once I get passed the first levels, then I open up my game and start playing position, blind stealing etc. I have played 2 MTT in the passed couple days and cashed well in both of them. I might just be on a good run of cards for once! In SNG I try to do the same thing. If I play the first levels super tight and agressive, I usually end up being able to push my way into the money because so many players short stack themselves early.
    Off to go run a poker tournament and then over to McRudy's for a couple cocktails. Last night we went out and they had a wing eating contest. I figured what the hell, free food! I ended up winning the contest and received %80 in gift certificates for the bar. I sure did pay for it this morning though, nothing better than flaming butt spray.........OUCH!

    posted by Tiny @ 6/15/2006 03:12:00 PM   4 comments
    How Unlucky!!!

    Finished 4th in a $33 MTT on Party last nite but man was it a unlucky way to go out! Granted I was short stack but still!

    #Game No : 4521194253
    ***** Hand History for Game 4521194253 *****
    NL Texas Hold'em Trny:24851861 Level:13 Blinds-Antes(2000/4000-100) - Thursday, June 15, 08:30:47 ET 2006
    Table Regular(733009) Table #1 (Real Money)
    Seat 3 is the button
    Total number of players : 4
    Seat 3: HERO ( $25448 )
    Seat 5: bautista31 ( $103171 )
    Seat 2: backwind21 ( $90633 )
    Seat 7: hellcentral ( $185748 )
    Trny:24851861 Level:13
    backwind21 posts ante [100].
    HERO posts ante [100].
    bautista31 posts ante [100].
    hellcentral posts ante [100].
    ** Dealing down cards **
    Dealt to HERO [ 2c Kc ]
    backwind21 folds.
    >You have options at Table 95490 Table!.
    HERO raises [12000].
    bautista31 folds.
    hellcentral calls [8000].
    ** Dealing Flop ** [ 7h, 2h, Ks ]
    hellcentral bets [76706].
    HERO is all-In [13348]
    ** Dealing Turn ** [ Th ]
    ** Dealing River ** [ Qc ]
    hellcentral shows [ Jh, As ] a straight, ten to ace.
    HERO shows [ 2c, Kc ] two pairs, kings and twos.
    hellcentral wins 63358 chips from side pot #1 with a straight, ten to ace.
    hellcentral wins 53096 chips from the main pot with a straight, ten to ace.
    Player HERO finished in 4 place and received $364.50

    posted by Tiny @ 6/15/2006 07:41:00 AM   0 comments
    CD Poker Review for FTM

    As many of our readers already know, I love to try out new online poker sites and check out the action on them. Well this month I found a great site that I think you will enjoy. CD Poker is one of the newer sites but is growing at a steady pace. The excellent deposit bonus and good player traffic are going to make CD Poker one of the top sites this year.

    CD Poker (CD is short for Club Dice) is run by iPoker, the same company that runs the ever popular Titan Poker. They offer Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Omaha HL in limits anywhere from $.02/$.04 up to $10/$20. The action on CD Poker is stacked on the ring games. When I was playing, I was playing $1/$2 short-hand limit tables and I had no problem ever finding action. Seems like No-Limit Hold’em is the most popular on CD Poker, like most other sites. CD Poker really lacks in the tournament department though. I found it extremely difficult to find even a $5 SNG. They do have a lot of special tournaments like $1 WSOP tournament, a $1,000,000 GTD, Caribbean Cruise Tournament and many more.

    The bonus for CD Poker is quite generous, 50% up to $500. Now that is a large bonus! Their bonuses clear very slowly but it is worth it. When I was researching CD Poker, I came across another great bonus through them. Do you want to try CD Poker? What you have no money? Well I can solve that because is willing to give you $20 absolutely free to try on CD Poker! That is right, no deposit required, no credit card required. The only requirement is you must play 250 raked hands before you with draw. To get this free $20 go to follow the instructions and enter bonus code CDFREE20FTM! I turned my $20 into close to $400; let me know how you do!

    CD Poker is a very attractive looking site however it does tend to run a little bit on the slow side. The graphics are nice and crisp and the controls are very easy to navigate. CD Poker has an extensive customer support team and offers email, phone, and live chat support, however some of the agents are not as knowledgeable about poker as you'd hope they would be. One of the major things that I did not like with CD Poker, is their cash out speed. It took them nearly 3 days to transfer my withdrawal into my Neteller account.

    Overall, CD Poker is a great site for all you ring game enthusiasts like myself, but you would probably never see Redfish here. Major pros for them are their large sign-up bonus, profitable ring games and the nice layout of their site. Reasons to skip CD Poker would be their slow cash out rate and lack of tournament action. So if you are into the ring games get on CD Poker and make something happen, or if you want go gobble up your free $20 and try out CD Poker. See Ya on the Tables!

    posted by Tiny @ 6/14/2006 03:57:00 PM   6 comments
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