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    What a night of MTT fish, donks and cake-eaters! Played in 7 MTT on Party Poker and in all of them I was in great position to finish very high if it were not for horrible plays. First let me talk about the tournaments I cashed. $55 MTT was a grind the whole way. I kept going up and up and up. I was top 5 in chips most of the tournament which I felt really good about! Pulled off some big hands and made some big moves. Top 10 got paid and I made it the final table 5th in chips, chip leader had a massive lead.

    Final table blinds are T2000/T4000 antes are T100. I have T44000. Not a bad stack but the chip leader was at T130000. First hand of the final table I get KK UTG. I really am stuck here. Either limp in and hope to get one of the smaller stacks to push all-in or should I push all-in? Opinions? Well I push all-in. Folds around to the BB who has T47000. He chews on it for the whole clock and then the back up clock. He ends up protecting his blind and jeopardizing his whole tournament on A4o. Come one buddy you had plenty of chips! You are dead if I have Ace anything! He ends up hitting an Ace on the turn and I go out in 10th for $258. Not bad but argggggggggggggggggggggg!!!

    Next cash was a $22 MTT. Pretty much grinded into the money for $128. Would have had a monster stack if I didn't run my King high flush into the nut flush. Now the $20K MTT really fucked me and I am still absolutely irrate about it! 10 out of the money, I am sitting well off at the T800/T1600 level when I get AA. UTG raises to T12000, leaving himself with T48000, I have T75000 and push all-in. He types,"I was on a steal...but I am pot committed!" and calls with 6To, flop comes out TT3 and I am crippled. So I thought maybe the $40K GTD will be better, not! Half way through the $40K I am sitting above average. Blinds are T400/T800 and I have T28000 I get Kc9c in the cut-off with 3 limpers. I make it T2000 trying to take control of this hand! BB calls as well as the limpers. Pot is T4400. Flop comes 10cJcQh. I flop second nuts with 4 to the second nut flush. Checked around to me so I bet T4400 and get one caller from MP. Turn comes 7d. I still look good right? Well MP decides to push me all-in! I insta-call and if it was live I would proudly flip up my str8 while he flips up his 2 pair with Q7. Then smack the 7h hits the board giving him a boat! WTF!!! These donks drove me crazy all night!

    Overall not a bad night. Invested $170 into tournaments and won $360 for a profit of $190. I still need to get in the top 3 of one of these monster tournaments! The $20K GTD first place was like $4K and for the $40K it was like $10K. I seem to always have a shot but the donks that paid me off the whole way through the tournament catch up with me at the end!
    Fourth of July weekend means I will definetly be taking a break from poker. Maybe the donks will get too drunk and fall off their boats. I take that back, I love them but they get old. Hope everyone a safe holiday weekend and drive safely and 3 things to remember.

    Wear Sun Screen when outide
    Don't be a fool and wrap your tool
    Raise your beer in the air and salute the donks, fish and cake-eaters

    posted by Tiny @ 7/02/2006 12:24:00 AM  
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