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    Howdy all! Sorry for the delay inbetween post however I have been busy with some weekend vacations, work, etc. And I can honestly say it wss a good couple weeks from online play!

    I ended June with one of my best months yet, and that does not even include bonusing! I know I have always been a decent MTT player however it was not until June that I really saw this. I was consistenly cashing sometimes in 7 tournaments at the same time! Does this mean I have learned a bit? more experienced? worse opponents? I really do not think it is any of this! I think it is because I have a focus now! If I want to obtain the majority of my income from poker, I need to have this focus!

    So I came back to online play today and I wanted to try out the concept of heebing. Heebing is an online term used to take a small amount of money and build it into a fat roll! Well I looked on my Excel sheet and noticed I had $1.17 on Poker Time that I left there after withdrawing from it in June.

    So I decided to make a full day of grinding! I started out playing $.05/$.10 LHE. WOW! What a crazy game! People calling all the way to the river with non-tripped pocket pairs, calling at the river with J high, 4 betting weak draws, etc. Anyway I built it up to $2.90. I took my profit and played a $2.20 multi SNG with 30 players. Took it down for $15. Next I proceeded to go 7 straight HU matches undefeated.

    So my roll is around $43 at this point. I sign up for a $2500 GTD MTT with a $15 buy-in. I end up getting just sick cards and every draw was hitting! By the second level I had T18,000 and we only started with T1500. I cruise to the final table and end up hitting 3rd for $450! So I just turned $1 into $450!!! I thought it was nutz! I had to pinch myself to make sure it was not one of my sick and twisted dreams! So I think I am going to take this bankroll and keep it seperate from my other one! I might try to start bonusing again!
    Not much else going on! I have been trying to keep up with the WSOP this year. Sounds like the Rio is really fucking things up! More posts to come tomorrow!!

    posted by Tiny @ 7/23/2006 11:38:00 PM  
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