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  • Simple MTT Strategy

    I have put together some of the tips I have been using lately to play MTTs successfully! This strategy has been working in $6-$55 MTTs and no clue yet how it would work in bigger MTTs. Play tight at the beginning of these tournaments is the most critical tip. There are a lot of fish and they are willing to move their chips all-in in an attempt to double up. Try to stay away from these situations unless you hold a premium hand like AA, KK, QQ, JJ, or AK. EP I will only play AA & KK, late position I will add in the others. Play these hands ultra agressively!

    Do not try and bluff during these early stages. You do not know what type of players your up against and it is really hard to get some of these players to fold. Online players will rarely fold if they have chips in the pot. They will pay you off on your big hands so no need to short-stack yourself early.

    Study your opponents so you know what type of players they are. Later in the tournament and future tournaments, your going to be in situations with these players and you will need to know if they will throw away a hand to a bluff. If they will call with second best hand, or if they will chase draws that are unprofitable. Use all this information you have gained against them when your involved in a hand with them. Make sure you keep notes for future reference!

    Position is extremely important in these tournaments where someone can move all-in. You do not want to waste money on a call that you will have to fold if someone moves all-in on you. If you have cards that you like to see a cheap flop with (Ax suited, suited connector low pocket pair, hands that can really flop big) make sure you do this from late position.

    The outcome of the tournament has very little to do with the early stages of the tournament. Do not get discouraged if you noticed players with huge stacks and you only have a moderate stack, your cards will come. Normally the players who quickly get a huge stack are playing a lot of hands and taking a lot of chances. They normally do not change their strategy when the blinds go up and most of these players normally will lose their stacks.

    Know your pot odds. Do not chase draws when your opponent is making it unprofitable for you. I do not like the chase unless they are letting me for super cheap and I only chase nut hands. No need to chase early in a tournament.

    In the middle stages of the tournament you can loosen your play up a bit. Most of the fish have been knocked out and you are now playing against better players. Use the information you got earlier in the tournament and use it to your advantage.

    In the later rounds you will be playing against better players and you will be seen as a tight solid player because that is the way you played the whole time. When the blinds are high - this is when you can start stealing when the opportunity comes up. Be very careful and if you get caught, you may not be able to try again for a while.
    Avoid playing marginal hands against the Big Stacks and players who can bust you. Take your time and try and pick off short stacks that are desperate and willing to move all-in when you have good hands.

    The fianl table is where you want to be. Once you are there you will find out that it is more about how many chips you have than the cards that you are getting. If you have the chips you can loosen your play up and take chances by pushing people around. If your short stacked you might have to wait for your spot to move all-in.
    Another final table strategy is try not to get involved in multi-way pots. If you have a great hand by all means play it but think before you get involved in a hand. Let the other players but heads, then take advantage of the players that are short stacked.
    Only had the chance yesterday to play one SNG, too much other garbage going on. I was going to play late into the morning but I needed the Zzzzzzzzzzs. Tonight is another busy night but I hope to put in 10 hours of grind tommorrow. Hope all is well with you!

    posted by Tiny @ 6/20/2006 02:24:00 PM  
    • At 3:48 PM, Anonymous Frankie J said…

      You sound like you are always having fun!

    • At 4:03 AM, Blogger Poker-Player-Notes said…

      Just want to add, that when taking notes that it important that you use some form of shorthand that you can quickly type in. And of course you want to be able to understand what the shorthand means when you read it again several months after taking the notes.

      I don’t want to suggest a list of abbreviations. It is essential that you think of your own abbreviations and shorthand.

      But as an example, one of mine is OBORWS. This means On button, only raises with strength. It gives me a fairly good indication of how that person plays when on the button, and also lets me know how to defend my blinds against him.

      If you need something more sophisticated than the note taking facilities provided by the poker rooms, you can search the internet for 3rd party poker software which allows you to take notes on poker players.

      Look for features that allow you to add your own individual abbreviations, notes and traits.

      Lots of top professional poker players have admitted that they keep poker notes and that the notes give them a winning edge.


    • At 12:44 PM, Blogger DaWei said…

      You need to learn the difference between "your" and "you're." It makes your stuff painful to read.

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