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  • Rainy Mickelson Choke

    Rainy weekend here in Minnesota meant for a lot of online play. Basically all week, I have been playing MTTs on Party Poker and a little bit of bonusing on Crypto sites. The MTTs have been going very well. Played in 11 MTTs during the course of the weekend, and cashed in 9 of them...not too bad. My strategy must be turning around.

    I seem to be able to cash however I seem not to be able to make it into the big money of the tournaments. Take last night for instant, playing perfect cards and all of sudden run into a tough break. 63 players left out of 1410, already in the money. Chip Stack T68,000 blinds T1000/T2000 and I pick up AKs UTG. I limp in(first mistake?) and button raise to T8000, he has T45000 left after raising. SB folds and BB is all-in for T3300. I smooth call. Flop comes AJ3. Needless to say he had AJ and I didn't get any help, stuck out in 59th place for $59 in a $22MTT. Not bad but if I can win that hand I am almost chip leader and can push my way to final table.

    There must be some flaw in my game causing me not to make it further into these MTTs. I am extremely happy to cash in so many but I play the tourneys to win not place in the money. Three hours of work is not worth $39 to me. Total all weekend I spent $211 on tournament entries and cashed out $790. Not horrible but cashing that many times should lead me into a big win. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? Playin too tight?

    The bloggers tour was on Sunday on Pokerstars. I ended up taking 124 out of 2200 people. Great freeroll put on for online bloggers by Pokerstars, wish I could have made it into the cash. Hey at least I outlasted the bounties including the legendary IGGY AKA Guiness.
    What a crazy ending to the US Open? Geoff Ogilvy wins it from the clubhouse as Phil Mickelson had a horrible 18. Mickelson's problem began when he pulled the driver on the tee and sent a slice so far left it nearly careened off the golf course. From there, he tried to carve a 3-iron around a tree and sliced that shot too far left, too. He dumped his third into a bunker and, needing two shots to get down in five and force a playoff, he took three. While some players might have selected a shorter club off the tee for accuracy, Mickelson said he didn't have that option. "I carried only a 4-wood," he said. "I felt like if I hit 4-wood and missed the fairway, I'd be too far back to be able to chase one down there."

    Whatever Phil, the hole was 430 yards. Hit your 5-iron out there 230 into the middle of the fairway, hit your 7-iron onto the green and try to 2 putt for the win or at worst 3 putt for a playoff! All I can say is CHOKE!!! Congrats Ogilvy!!!

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    posted by Tiny @ 6/19/2006 03:07:00 PM  
    • At 8:30 AM, Blogger Grinder said…

      I have that problem in SNGs. In the money but never the big victory.

      I know it has to be my basic strategy but . . . .do I fix it? I'm making money so . . .. .

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