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    You know what...I really hate moving! Next time I move, I am going to hire a mover! Going up three flights of stairs with 32 inch TVs, queen beds, couchs, 200 gallon fish tank etc. really takes its toll on a guy. That being bad enough, I have been unloading boxes for the last couple days and I have come to the conclusion that I am a packrat. I keep boxes from everything, even the IPod I bought in 2000, why? No Clue! Then finding places for everything is just not fun. I think I am going to live here for at least 10 years because I do not think I can see another box until then!
    The run I had at the $2/$4 tables last week was just a small start to what I hope will be my return to playing 60 hours of poker online. Played 3 $1/$2 short-handed tables last night and I felt really good playing! One table was full of absolute horrible players! Playing K2s, A6o, J3o to 3 bets and I tried to take full advantage. The J3o really slaughtered me though. Not one to talk about bad beats so I won't! All in All, I ended up averaging right around 2BB per hour on each table. I really want to get into playing a lot more MTT however it seems like right now I don't have the BR to play the ones I want or the time.
    Off to run a poker tournament tonight. I swear I am going to make a shirt that says,"Pay ME $5 and then I will listen to your Bad Beat Story!" I really hate listening to players who are playing for FREE complain about bad beats! Saturday some guy came up to me and whined and whined and whined. It was about his 99 getting beat by AJ after the flop came AJ7. He couldn't understand how the kid called his bet with AJ?????????????? WTF!

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    posted by Tiny @ 6/05/2006 01:20:00 PM  
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