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  • I Just Cannot Beat U!

    Sorry about the no post for a while folks, man have I been busy! Oh poor poor me but oh well. I ended up having to cancel some trips and get some work done but I was able to sneak up to the cabin for the weekend! On the way up, we stopped by Grand Casino for a little gambling/poker adventure. My roommate has never played poker in a cardroom so I thought I would break him in!

    Ended up all they had running was a $2/$4 and $3/$6 limit game. I sat my roommate down with $100 on the empty $2/$4 seat and I took the $3/$6, man what absolute horrible players! One guy I had a target on and everytime I beat him in a pot he exclaimed "Tiny I Cannot Beat U!" I was so into his head, I thought he was going to have a nervous breakdown. He was a fish and he deserved it!

    One hand that sticks out is him raising UTG with KQo, he gets 4 callers and it swings around to me with KK so I 3-bet, ends up getting capped with 5 players. Flop comes K93, and he kept on reraising me! He said he thought he had a good read on me, WTF! Limit poker is not that much based on reads plus when I am reraising and not calling and checking, MORON! Couple solid players on the table, I ended up making 2.5 BB/HR even after taking 2 monsterous beats for over $200 in pots!

    My roommate basically played breakeven poker which is actually playing winning poker at such small limits with rake, BB jackpot drop and tipping. It was more a practice session for him to get used to the cardroom atmosphere, rules, suckouts, etc! The real test will be some $6/$12 or $8/$16 at Canterbury. I ended up doing very well at 3-Card Poker. Sat down with a $100 I planned on losing. Going smoothly when all of a sudden I got the great idea to play 2 hands. I ended up getting straights on both of them! Then the dealer hand me an extra black chip and said they had a bonus for a rainbow straight and one of my straights was indeed a rainbow straight! So I tipped her a green chip and was on my way.

    My roommate wanted to play some blackjack and I was not in the mood so I went and threw a $20 into a Reel'Em in Fishing. 10 minutes later I racked my nickel machine up to 5,000 credits and cashed out. Disn't play a single thing for the next hour or so and left the casino up a little under $400. Not to shabby!
    MTTs on PartyPoker are still playing extremely soft. I don't think players really get how bad they are when watching from the other side! I think I played 3 or 4 over the weekend and cashed high in a $55 MTT and bubbled another one. I got screwed on one because the cabin only has dial-up, EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I hope to log in some hours this weekend online, but things could always change cause I am always helping someone out,going to the beach, distracted by beautiful women, grabbing some cocktails, etc!

    posted by Tiny @ 6/29/2006 02:43:00 PM  
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