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    So much poker and yet so little time. I find myself staying up until wee hours of the morning or afternoon for that matter grinding out long sessions for profit lately. I received an e-mail recently about $20 for free at CD Poker. Everyone who knows me, knows I cannot pass up free money at an online site. $20 is not much to sit down at a ring game table with so I decided to play 3 $5 SNGs to try and boost the bankroll at CD.

    Well to make a long story(being 12 hours of play at CD) short, I turned the $20 into a tad over $300. Play was fairly soft at the $2/$4 short-handed tables and it did not hurt any winning 2 of the SNGs and 3rd in the other. I really have a knack lately for the $2/$4 tables. Seems like play is a touch more solid but still does not compare to the days of playing $5/$10. CD poker is not the greatest of sites however the free bonus is very nice!!!

    Slowly building the bankroll back to the plus side after nearly six months of red. I really think the time off helped out quite a bit! Either that or players lost their notes on me...LOL! If you don't keep notes on players, you are really missing out! I think this is the biggest pro to online poker. I will try to write a post on how I keep notes in the future! Some nights I will play 2 tables and just have a 3rd table up and take notes on the players for future encounters. Not much live poker to write about except I really dislike small buy-in home games. It seems like everyone thinks they know everything! If I am going to play live anymore it will be big tournaments or $6/$12 at Canterbury.
    Almost all the way done moving...Thank God! The apartment is finally coming around. Just have to rent an upholstery cleaner to clean the couches and bring them up. I have not decided if I am going to have a poker table set up or not. It just seems like home games are a waste lately except for the socializing aspect. It is fun being around all the poker friends but it is just brutal to play with some of them at such low-limits. Maybe I will start having a monthly $50 tournament or spread like a $5/$10 game once every couple of weeks!

    posted by Tiny @ 6/09/2006 01:42:00 AM  
    • At 3:57 AM, Blogger Poker-Player-Notes said…

      Just want to add, that when taking notes that it important that you use some form of shorthand that you can quickly type in. And of course you want to be able to understand what the shorthand means when you read it again several months after taking the notes.

      I don’t want to suggest a list of abbreviations. It is essential that you think of your own abbreviations and shorthand.

      But as an example, one of mine is OBORWS. This means On button, only raises with strength. It gives me a fairly good indication of how that person plays when on the button, and also lets me know how to defend my blinds against him.

      If you need something more sophisticated than the note taking facilities provided by the poker rooms, you can search the internet for 3rd party poker software which allows you to take notes on poker players.

      Look for features that allow you to add your own individual abbreviations, notes and traits.

      Lots of top professional poker players have admitted that they keep poker notes and that the notes give them a winning edge.


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