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    Sometimes I wonder if players I am playing online are like 5 years old, if they are blind or maybe they are now teaching chimps to play online poker. They have been making the most ridiculous plays lately and last night I cashed in big on them. I made a mistake of playing outside my bankroll a little bit and decided to play $2/$4 short-handed limit tables on Paradise instead of my typical $1/$2.

    First let me let you know that when I play my short-handed limit tables online, I play by strict guidelines. Some might say it is too tight some might question why I will play a 78s and not play a A6. Someday I post a chart of what I play but not today. Anyway 3 hours later, I turned the $200 I brought to the table into $698. Talk about insane??? First hand I played I flopped trip Aces, another guy flopped top 2 and another guy turned trip 3s. Capped the whole way, I new it was going to be a good night and the fish just kept rebuying!

    Even though it felt good to turn the first big profit in a couple months, I am going to stick to playing $1/$2 until I get the proper bankroll. It was nice to have the fish finally miss and big hands hold up.


    What a fantastic day here in MN! Spent most of it moving out of my old place and into my new apartment. But midafternoon we strolled over to the beach and sat in the sun and chilled in the lake. Amazing how warm the water is. Feeling a little sun burnt, better go put some aloe on before going out for some martinis!!!

    posted by Tiny @ 6/02/2006 09:00:00 PM  
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