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  • 19th in a $10K GTD MTT

    Short-handed limit table online have been going very well! Last night I decide to play the $10K GTD on PartyPoker for $22. This had to be one of the better tournament I have played in a long time. Not going to go over many detail but I took 19th out of 611 for a profit of a little over $100. Got knocked out when I bet into the chip leader when I had KK. I had T57000 Blinds T2000/T4000 folded around to me in late position with KK. I raised to T 16000. Folded around to the BB who had T210000. He cold-called. Flop was a piece of cheese, so I bet T15000 and he pushed all in. I called and in typical Partypoker style my KK ran into AA. Better to go out like that than by a 84o.
    One of my fellow online grinders mentioned I should try playing Omaha on PartyPoker since I do so well on the SHL tables. So while playing the $10K GTD, I was playing a $1/$2 SH Omaha HL table. He mentioned it would be easy money and boy was he right! I ended up being up an amazing 21BB/100. Play was absolutely horrible and at showdown I lost one pot when I had a high and medium low and chopped one low...other than that I was taking half the pot if not the whole thing. One hand that comes to mind. LP with A299 double suited so I raised it up. All 5 others called...typical Omaha fish. Flop come 963 rainbow, top set with nut low draw. 2bets to me so I re-raise and it ends up getting capped. Turn comes 9, guaranteed high with quads and the nut low draw. Ends up capping out again, WTF? River come 5, nice nut nut. Ends up capping again with 4 players and I take the whole thing, someone caught their str8 for high which was way off, and the best low was A4. I do not get how these guys were capping so many hands but I must have found a good fishing spot! So if you are on PartyPoker check out some Omaha and I will keep you updated on the play!
    It is so nice not having cable TV. LAtely I have been waking up early and instead of watching some morning news, I go down to the gym and then sit on the patio with my laptop and play poker. Kind of relaxing playing poker outside, if you can you should try it! Not much else going on. Trying to get my roommate to get motivated and make a deposit online. He is really developing into a very good player, especially at heads-up! I have let him play 4 HU SNG online and he has won all of them plus he kicks my ass at heads-up. I told him by depositing $100 he should be able to make some good ROI on SNGs. Well I am off to go jump in the pool and then go run a poker tournament!

    posted by Tiny @ 6/13/2006 03:13:00 PM  
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