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  • 1.03.2006
    It was kind of nice yesterday having the day off from running poker tournaments and actually getting the chance to play in one. Granite Bowl South is your typical bowling alley however they host one of the best Free Poker Tour events around. Anywhere from 60-80 addicts play and I would say 70% of them are extreme beginners. So we kick back with some Newcastles and begin the long, painful journey of playing free poker.

    Playing tournaments, I ended up playing really tight and muck my first 15-20 hands or so. Into the 3rd blind level I have not played a hand, when I get AQs from the button. LIMP,LIMP,LIMP,LIMP,LIMP, 5 players in front of people limp with the SB and BB still to act. Screw this I hammer it 7 times the BB and end up getting 3 callers. Flop comes Q J J and as the flop hits the board one of the grumpy old men slams his fist into the table in digust. To me this says he mucked a J. Feeling good about there being only on J left in the deck, I bet half the pot and everyone folds. Ended up flopping a set of 'Cowboys' a couple hands later but I gentlemen called my bet with a draw a caught up on the turn...leaving me crippled.

    Anyway after the FPT event at GBS, a bunch of us went to our local watering hole for some $.50 taps and got a tad bit tippsy. Played a drunken 4-handed game afterwards. Not a good idea!!! If I can give anyone a word of advice out there...Never Ever Play Poker Drunk!!!

    Well, I am off to run a tournament tonight, even though I am coming down with the flu I think.
    posted by Tiny @ 1/03/2006 02:38:00 PM  
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