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    Wow, I have not posted in awhile! Sorry for anyone who reads regularly , for your life has now been a little more boring. Life on the poker front has been kind of slow as I have switched to working nights for a while. Part of the new job requires me to learn how things are running on all shifts and to teach all shifts proper techniques for inventory control. I mean come on, how tough is it to count up to 200 pieces, put the pieces in a box, put box on pallet and put 36 boxes on a pallet?

    Most of the poker that I have been playing has been with the Free Poker Tour. The tour started out just at Granite Bowl but it has now grown to several other bars through out central Minnesota. Neat system, all games are no entry fee but can win an entry into a Tournament of Champions, gift certificates and random bar hats and T-Shirts. I love playing poker so I try to make it to all of these as they will never hurt the bankroll except for a couple NewCastles.

    Rough beat that crippled me on monday in a FPT event. Little over the starting amount of chips but it is time to make a move. UTG calls the BB of 300 and fold around to me next to the button. I look down at Ladies, think and I look over at UTG and he has 1000 left. So I raise it to 1300 all day. SB and BB fold, UTG thinks for awhile and finally calls. He flips over A5s and I am relieved but a little worried about the A. Flop comes 87K, nice no help. Turn 9, and I now announce 'only thing that helps you is a 6' sure enough a 6 rolls over. Four to a str8 cracks my queens, I would have much rather an Ace be on the flop.

    Playing online and working off some reload bonuses. Pokerstars has a 25% reload bonus that is good until the 17th so I am desperately trying to work that off. John told me about a site that has a 800% deposit bonus, more on this when he gets back to me with the info. Mille Lacs casino has started a Sunday tournament, might be making an appearance this week.

    There is a great new poker magazine out right now, Full Tilt. There are some phenominal articles in it and a subscription is really cheap for it. Check it out!!! They always have space for advertising as well, so if you are looking to advertise to poker players in the midwest give them a shot!

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    posted by Tiny @ 3/15/2005 03:55:00 PM  
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