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The brief writings of a poker players struggle through bad beats, tilt and the occasional win...

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    In a 2-10 Spread game at Mille Lacs, a drunk was begining to get out of hand. "Well that was one pussy-pink river card from you dealer!" he bellowed after missing a flush. The dealer beheld the drunk gravely; "Sir, there is a young lady at the table. If you don't control your language, you will have to leave." On the next hand, the drunk doesn't improve his set on the flop and looses to a straight. "Jesus Christ! Why don't you just light my fucking wallet on fire pinhead!" The dealer was absolutely at his limit; "Sir, I'm telling you for the last time; there is a young lady at the table! Control your language or you will be escorted out of here!" On the following hand, every player in the game wades into the pot. There are raises and caps on every card. In the end, the drunk sucks out an inside straight and wins the 2-10 Spread pot of the month. The drunk looks out over his pile of chips at the dealer and asks, "Do you boys pool your tips togeather or do you keep them for yourselves?" The dealer replies "All dealers here keep their own tips." The drunk tosses two green chips at the dealer and says with a grin; "Well have a Goddamn toke on me, motherfucker." The dealer picks up the $50, turns to the young woman and says, "Miss, I'm afraid you'll have to leave the table."
    I have played the last couple of nights in the FPT. Pretty much full of 50 calling stations and 20 above average players. Monday night I really did not have a bad beat pulled on me, but I made a horrible read. A newer player to the FPT, lets call him DA, makes a 5XBB raise preflop. DA has earned a lot of respect from me, maybe a little too much... However I call with A10s because I was the last to call and had position. Flop comes 10 9 8 rainbowed. Decent flop for me, but DA thinks for a second and pushes all-in, more than enough to cover me. I thought about calling but I put him on KK QQ or possibly a set. In the back of my mind I am thinking he missed his Big Slick or Big Slut. I lay down TPTK because I felt the risk was too great to end the tourney there. I show my hand to get a little more image and he does the same rolling over Big Slick. If you are reading this DA...Nice bet!!! Ended up making it down to 2 tables and busted out on a 17 outer with KoJo.
    Now Tuesday at the Rox I was laid down a horrible beat. Let's call the gentlemen Rosey OJ. I am UTG with Jacks rolled up. The mistake I made was only raising 2XBB and I totally blame this hand on this from the beginning. 6 callers and Rosey OJ is in middle position. Flop comes 58J. I hit a set and am loving the callers! I bet 5XBB and get 2 callers. Next card comes 6 and rainbows the board. I want to win it right here to take out the possible 4 card str8 so I bet 10XBB. Rosey OJ calls but is practically smiling from ear to ear. River comes A. Fearing the tell, I check the river and so does Rosey OJ. But what does he roll over? Nothing other than 47! WTF??? He grins and say,'well I have to play them when the blinds are cheap!'
    Tonight I am off to O'Hara's for another FPTevent. Hopefully I will have a positive post the next time! If you are reading this from the sunny Midwest make sure you check out FULL TILT MAGAZINE as they have some of the best articles in the business.

    posted by Tiny @ 3/23/2005 08:25:00 AM  
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