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    Played poker all weekend and had a blast as usual. My buddy dragged me up to Grand Casino Mille Lacs Friday afternoon. Only tables they had running were 2/4 and 3/6, so we got on the list for both. Hit up some video poker while we waited and I hit a str8 flush so I made a quick 50 dollars. Not a bad start to the day.

    My name was called after about 40 minutes for the 3/6 table. The table was all older gentlemen and a couple of them easily had 500 dollars in front them. I had played with a couple of the guys before and I remembered them as decent players but they were calling stations! Sat down and went through my usual new table routine. I always wait for the big blind to get to me instead of posting and in my first couple hands I always try to show that I play weak hands. First hand I got dealt J7 and all I could think of was 'the ultimate suckout hand'.

    7 players called around and I felt the need to raise with the option. One player drops and the flop comes 776. Nice! I bet and get 3 callers. Turn comes 6. Nice, just turned a full boat! I bet and get the same 3 callers. River comes 8. I figure someone for a str8. I check like I missed my flush and the button bets. Hmmmm...what do I do? Check raise and he calls rolling over the str8. Man did I catch heck for raising with a J7 but was it worth it.

    That was over a $100 pot and I continued on to win another $150 in a span of 3 hours. By now the all the table are up and running. I am up so I decide to sit at the 2-10 spread game. I really like this game a lot! Spread is so nice because you can actually protect a good starting hand, bluff at a pot and the play is overall more solid. I ended up winning only $75 at the table but I lost a monster pot. I am in the SB with 88. Flop came 338. So I boated up. Turn came 5. River came A. Junk board but one lady called after the flop, called after the turn and raised after the river. I either figured her to have an Ace or a pair of Aces. So I decide to call. She rolls over 33. It would have been a nice pot but oh well.

    You know that you have been playing way too long when the see the same dealers who you started playing with come back to work... I figured as long as it was profitable why not milk it. I ended up playing for 14 hours before deciding to call it quits. For some reason the time just flew on by, I just don't get tired at the poker table. It must be the free coffee and diet pepsi. After 14 hours of poker I ended with a profit of a little over $400. Should have been $500 if it were not for the $1 video poker machines outside of the poker room where I go smoke...

    Sometime this week I will write part 2 in my NL tournament article but for now I have other things to do!

    posted by Tiny @ 3/21/2005 08:59:00 AM  
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