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  • Valentine's Day and I am playing poker...

    Wow, long time between posts always means too much poker and not enough sleep. Well this weekend was full of online poker and last week was full of live poker. Not to mention a bunch of sleep that I needed to catch up on.

    Wednesday I played in a SCOPE event. Made it to the final table but I was shortstacked. On the button with AJs, had 5 times the BB left so I pushed it all-in. SB rolls over AA and wins the hand. Not a bad finish for me, seeing I flopped a flush and lost and had a full boat beat. I always enjoy playing in SCOPE events. The players are great competition, small buy-ins and great company.

    Played for my first time at Canterbury Card Club down in Shakopee. The card club is very nice. Dealers are very good and I like the services available at the table. It is nice to be able to order a snack or an energy drink right to the table. It is also nice to have the other players be able to order cocktails. I decided to start out playing 4/8.

    I was playing absolutely solid tight poker. I went down there with a game plan and stuck to it. I saw some people fly through several buy-ins. One younger lady who was drinking flew thru $500 of her boyfriends money. Her boyfriend was playing 30/60. Man did I want to get some of her money. First hour I saw nothing but did not get discouraged. I ended up playing for 6 hours and scrapped up $525. This was a great days work. I decided to meet some friends for dinner and we went back to the card club.

    No openings on 4/8 so I sat in at a 6/12 table. No hands for an hour and I get KQs in the BB. No one raised so I decide to see a flop. Flop came QQK. Man what a flop!!! Flopped a boat, so I check. One guy bets another raises so I decide to try and win it here so I reraise. First bettor folds and other guy reraises. Hmmm...Interesting!!! I put him on AK or AQ or AA but he did not raise pre-flop? Turn comes A so he either made his boat now or not...I bet he raises I reraise and he calls. River comes A Now I am thinking did he just go runner runner on me? I bet he raises I call. Dude rolls over A6??? WTF was he re-raising for after the flop? Oh well but still I dropped nearly $400 in one hand. I stood up and sat at the bar until my friends got done playing.

    Ended that visit paying for dinner, gas there and back, got a cool Canterbury hat for getting a str8 flush and a little over $100 ahead. I give myself a pat on the back for walking away after that beat because I new I was on tilt. I took the tilt out on the Captain bottle instead of the pocketbook. Stupid rule I found out about there though. If u take a shot, you cannot have another drink for an hour. I guess they do not want people puking on the tables!!!

    Tonight I play in a FPT event. It a local 'freeroll' at a bowling center. Very well put together but such a range in quality of play. I forget how stupid people are when it is for free. I might be one of the only SCOPERS to get out of there without a bad beat. I just got no cards. Dave does a great job running the FPT. If anyone is in the central MN area, I strongly encourage them to stop by GRANITE CITY and to pick up a copy of FULL TILT MAGAZINE.

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    posted by Tiny @ 2/15/2005 12:43:00 AM  
    • At 1:28 AM, Blogger Devon said…

      Hey! Found your blog when looking for stuff on Facts about Valentine's Day. Not quite what I was looking for, but a good read anyhow, so I thought I'd post a comment. Me and My Facts about Valentine's Day Site.

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