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  • 2.23.2005
    Putting some of my philosophy into the web for good karma, I will be starting a couple segments based on NLHE tournaments. I feel that this is the best part of my game but I need to improve it greatly. So any comments are greatly appreciated. I will let you know I am still a beginner and will never pretend to be better than that. The key to NLHE tournaments is that you will always learn something new. Tournaments are totally different than ring games and I do not think even Doyle Brunson has mastered NLHE tournaments. If someone tells you they never lose, they are lying and you should hand them a lose.

    1. Stayin' Alive
    My main goal is to stay out of the way of the loose agressive players and let them destroy each other. The idea is to play a tight-agressive game and get your money in the pot when you think you have the best hand. Your AK might get beat by QQ but never second guess yourself, this will only get you into trouble. Try to avoid marginal hands early, wait for the 'nuts'. Stay alive but never ever fear getting knocked out of the tourney. You want to keep making it to the next level, it does not matter how you get there as long as you get there.

    2. Play Premium Hands
    In early position, I will only usually play AA, KK, QQ, JJ, AKs, TT, AQs, AK, AJs and KQs. In late position, I will add 99, AQ, ATs, KJs, QJs, JTs, AJ and KQ to my aresenal. Depending on the quality of the game I will also play bigger suited connectors and small pairs as long as I can get in for cheap. Some will consider this very tight play but it is not for several reason. First of all you are saving your chips to invest into a pot where you are going to have the nuts. Second, other players are being knocked out while you are folding and holding onto your chips. Players playing say A6 when your have AK are at a huge disadvantage because their lack of kicker but it is tough for them to lay down the Ace. By playing the hands you are going to have a great hand, great draw or will be able to release it if nothing hits.

    3. Preflop Action
    If no one is in the hand before me, I tend to raise when I enter the pot. I have a couple reasons for this. First of all, when I enter a pot, the chances are I have the best hand. Second, I want to make people with insuperior hands pay to play. I like to play American Airlines the same way I play QJs. This way people do not know what your are holding but they can guess it is not junk. Many people have there own way of raising. I tend to like a 5% of my stack raise, others like 3XBB. Now if people are cold calling in front of you, your best bet is to call the BB unless you have AA KK or QQ. With these hands and callers in front, I raise 10% of my stack or more. Use extreme caution when someone raises in front of you or reraises you. I am not afraid to lay down hands like AK or AQ if I respect the raiser but I am also not afraid to call with QJ if I do not respect the raiser.

    Coming next...Playing The Flop
    posted by Tiny @ 2/23/2005 01:11:00 AM  
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