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    Poker for the week has mostly been live with just a flare of online. My game has been on and off all week. Sometimes I often wonder why I play this game but then again I also wonder why I eat or why I sleep...

    Wednesday, Played the usual SCOPE event at Jon and Amanda's House, Lucky Ladies QQ Ranch? Started out really strong, Ladies and Cowboys back to back to start with a big stack. Did not do much else for the first hour. One memorable hand was Burnsy and me in a hand. I had Q10s and Burnsy raised preflop so I called. Flop came Q 10 4 and I put Burnsy on AK or AQ but he bets out and I call. Turn comes Q, Burnsy checks. I push all-in and Burnsy screams out, "All I was praying for was not another Q!" and he mucks his smaller boat with 44. Man o Man, I should have double there but Burnsy must have had a good read. I get to the final table but I am majorly short stacked.

    I keep holding on and holding on at the final table, just trying to squek into the money. Double up a couple times and I make it to third place somehow. Jon and Burnsy both had monster stacks. I eventually took them both down and won the tourney. For some reason I have been playing well from the shortstack.

    Thursday had an office lunch game, or I call it 'Bad Beat Session'. Not much to write about but I think I am a better tourney player than ring game.

    Friday, SCOPE event at Chipples. Did not do much in the tourney but the Pot-Limit game until 5AM was fun!!! First hand I am in I have QQ so I bet pot and Guy raise pot back. I think to myself does he have AA KK or AK... I say AK so I push my $10 buy-in all-in and he flips over KK. ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGG and no luck on the board for me. This is the second time he has beat me bad in Pot-Limit. Saw Quad Kings in back to back hands. Then the hand after this I flop the nut str8 but there are 2 cowboys on the board. Boy was I worried about quad cowboys again...

    Saturday was a live freeroll at Granite Bowl. I took a huge stack of chips and slowly 'Marcused' them. Marcused meaning pissed them away. We had had a mini 8 person tourney afterwards which I gladly took second in because I played from the short stack the whole time.

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    posted by Tiny @ 2/21/2005 10:11:00 PM  
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