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    What a nice Sunday afternoon today! Some great football games in which I properly placed bets upon. Made a profit of $150 on the two games. Patriots vs. Eagles in the Super Bowl. Not sure who I am going to take in this one. I am leaning towards the Patriots but if McNabb played like he did on Sunday it will be a close game.

    Poker today was all online. I am working my way through the STEP multi-table tournaments on Partypoker. I really enjoy these tournaments. If you are unaware of them, check out Partypoker's website and it explains them fairly well. It took me 6 trys today to make it to level 4. I think I am going to try to get 3 or 4 entries up to level 4 and then attempt to make it to level 5. I played really solid today and for online poker I really did not have that many bad beats. I usually only risked my whole stack when I had the nuts. This is something I really have to concentrate more on when I am playing live poker. I keep getting bad reads on people live and I call or push when I do not have the nuts and they flip over the nuts. When I play online all I play are the cards and the odds. When I play live I tend to play too much on my opponent which is not my game. My game is the numbers of poker with a little bit of reads on people.

    While playing the STEP tournaments, I was also playing a 3/6 ring game. I was on a really good table for awhile. Full table and I had player notes on everyone. I had 3 marked as 'fish' and 2 as 'sharks'. The rest of the players were average but I ended up changing a couple of them to 'fish'. I played ultra tight because the STEP tournaments were a little more important. One hand that sticks out to me was I had QQ in late position. Three in the pot with one raise around. Flop was AAQ. Great flop for me but I ended up losing to a someone slow rolling and flying high with American Airlines. No big deal, because I thought I had the nuts but didn't...I was just thanking myself for not getting that hand on a NLHE or PLHE table. Ended the day in the positive, 29BB. So minus the STEP tournament entry fees but plus the football wagers I ended a Sunday very well. Usually I do not play on Sundays so maybe I will take the day off?-----Prolly not though...

    Well the driveway is now cleared of the foot of snow we got. This city has a horrible plowing system though. Two or three days after the snow has stopped and the roads are still not cleared. They are always in a hurry to ticket and tow cars though... Getting late and about time to hit the sack and dream about check-raising with Aces and being beat by the hammer.

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    posted by Tiny @ 1/24/2005 01:32:00 AM  
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