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    What a day yesterday was, with it snowing all day. It had to have dropped at least 9 inches of snow during the day and then some intense wind all night long made for some massive snow drifts. What a great day for me to find out that the four-wheel drive does not work in my 'Exploder'. The weather was horrible however we played 'poker in the power'

    Played a little NLHE tournament with some SCOPERS. I think we had around 20 players or so. I brought my buddy Joe who was playing with us for the first time. Luck of the draw put me on the downstairs table and Joe on the upstairs table. The cards were slow on coming and then about 20 hands in I get some red queens UTG. Thinking to myself, 'Finally something to play with'. I think for a couple seconds, trying not to sweat or anything else, and I double the BB. Muck, Muck, Muck, Muck, Muck, Muck, SB Muck, BB Muck. That was my first and last hand I won in the tournament. I go to muck my hand and a sudden gust from the Card Fairies wand pushes my cards up and exposes them to the table. Guy next to me goes 'did u try to show your cards?' 'No, it is just my luck tonite I guess' is what I mumbled back

    Plain and simple I just had no cards all night however I would take that all day instead of getting cards and having them cracked by J4o. I have been in a real drought of getting good starting hands lately. Not counting online poker, I have not received AA or KK since December 24th. I have logged ,I would estimate, 1500-2000 hands. Even in this drought though, I still consistently pull a decent profit. The reason I brought this up is my friend Joe had pocket Aces 4 times last nite in 2 hours of tournament play. If I were to have those cards, I would have a decent shot at winning a tourney.

    Best play of the night last nite was by Lucky Ladies. Pretty big pot, Lucky Ladies and Monster are in. Board shows 4JQ4, and the JQ are suited. Lucky Ladies checks and Monster pushes a pretty decent stake all in. Within a nanosecond Lucky Ladies calls and says 'I have Quads' rolls over pocket 4's and Monster turns a little pale.

    Once a handful of us were out of the tourney, we played a little PLHE upstairs. Pretty laid back and very intense as more people dropped out of the tourney and joined the game. First 3 hands I saw were pretty decent hands, AKo AJs QQ. I thought the poker gods were on my side now after the horrible cards in the tourney. That was not the case. The Card Fairy came down and bit me in the butt all three times. With the QQ I bet the pot preflop and had kept betting the pot because there were no overs thru the river. Gramminator is the only one to stay in the whole way a rolls over 49 for a str8. Oh well one of the last hands I had was Ax and the flop was hearts and I had the A of hearts. Four in the pot and a small raise to see the turn. Turn is a heart...I win the pot and end up being down 15 not to bad seeing I dropped 40 in the first 3 hands.

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    posted by Tiny @ 1/22/2005 01:29:00 PM  
    • At 2:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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      Danielle (the dealer)

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