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    Started a new job on Monday as a statistical analyst for a plastic company. Pretty sweet job, except my 'office' is in the back of three warehouses with 2 other offices. No internet in my office and there is a computer from 1920. Might have to bring my laptop in and see if there is wireless connection coming from anywhere around. So I go on my lunch break and low and behold 4 guys are playing cards in the corner of the lunch room.

    I thought to myself 'Could they be playing poker?' So I mosey over to the vending machine to grab a milk and sneek a peek at the game. I try not to make it obvious and to much amazement they were playing NLHE. I go back to my seat and sort of listen into the game. These guys are talking like they are Dan, Daniel, Howard and Phil... But their play seemed a little 'fishy' and I must get a taste of that fish. But I let it go and I would let them invite me to play. They did not invite me on Monday or Tueday but today I got the chance to play.

    Lunch break came and sure enough the same four guys were playing poker. I sat down and opened my lunch pail. I asked the guys what they were playing and they said 'Texas Hold'em...Ever play before'. Quick I need a response, 'I have seen it on TV and played a little before.' And then I was invited to play. NLHE was the game, with one blind of $1, pretty rich blood for a lunch game but I bought in for a mere $20.

    They get me some chips, and I am dealt into the hand in the blind, 78s. Everyone limps in and I bump it up a buck...'Let's gamble' I mumbled. Flop comes 88A. I check, another guy bets, guy re-raises and action is on me. 'What is it to call?' '8 dollars to you'...I knew this all along but wanted to seem clueless. Turn comes rag. I bet $1, guy next to me laughs at my bet and raise it $5 other guy folds and I call. River rag... I bet $2 this time and he puts me all-in. I hear someone else say 'that was a quick $20' I call and turn over my trips. Guy looks pissed and turns over pocket 3s. 'No way should you ever raise with that hand' I was told. 'Newbie luck' I stated.

    Wow!!! I make $30 over lunch...what a day but it is not over yet. I muck a couple of hands and then I am dealt JJ, pretty good hand shorthanded. I raise and everyone calls...must think I have nothing or I am a fish or I have no clue what I am doing. Flop comes rags...There is a bet and everyone calls...Turn comes J and guy pushes $12 all-in, which put 2 others all-in and I call. River rag and a all of a sudden I am up nearly $60 during lunch. YUMMY THAT FISH WAS GOOD, WONDER IF IT IS ALL U CAN EAT?

    Now I am at home and playing a little 4/8, just about breaking even. I wonder if I will get asked to play tommorrow? Is it wrong what I did to my co-workers by not telling them I have probably played more than them? All I can is if the boss ever plays, I will make it so he wins every hand!!!

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    posted by Tiny @ 1/27/2005 01:26:00 AM  
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