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  • Finally Pocket Aces...

    After thousands of hands I finally looked down at my hand and saw the premium of all hands, AA. Some might call them 'rockets' others call them 'bullets' and many people fly high with them as 'American Airlines'. I call them losing cards that I lose more money on than I should, but more on this later.

    Typical SCOPE event at Chipples but with a few more people than normal...I think there were 25 or so. I always for some reason get stuck on a table with Jon. I don't know how it happens but I think the 'poker gods' have something to do with it. Three orbits around and I still have not played a hand. Finally something to work with...AKs in LP. I raise 3 times the BB and one caller being Jon. Flop comes K59. Jon checks I bet Jon calls. I am sitting well with TPTK. Turn comes J. Jon checks and I bet Jon calls. Now I am really confused. Jon is usually a little more agressive with a strong hand or he is on a draw but the board is a rainbow. River comes 10. Jon checks so I decide to check instead of betting out because Jon might be slow playing me. What does he roll over? None other than 10 5. Called a 3X bet preflop and cold called it the whole way. Nice intution though!!!

    End up playing a couple more hands but nothing really worth writing about. Hand I went out on was kind of bad play on my part. Folds around to me on the button. I have Q9s which is one of my favorite drawing hands. BB is this girl who has just won 5 or 6 hands out of the last 10 without any of us seeing her cards. She played a solid game. So I raise it 3X the BB hoping to steal the blinds. SB folds and she calls. Flop comes 259 rainbow. She checks and I push my stack which was terriblly small compared to hers. She calls and flips over 1010 and I can never hit runner runner for the life of me. Well at least everyone else got to see her cards once.

    Head upstairs to play some PLHE. Second hand in I finally get my AA. I thought for sure I would give off the biggest tell when I eventually got them but I looked down and it was like nothing. I raise the pot limit and I get Norm as my caller. Flop comes 39K. I bet the pot, which is all Norm has left. I am wondering what he called 2 pot bets with. I am thinking for the worst, KK. Norm flips over 95. Board goes runner runner clubs for 4 on the board, and good ole' Norm is holding a club. Man I have seen him crack a lot of AA lately.

    Catch AA 3 hands later but I win a small amount after the flop. Ended up losing my buy-in with AA vs having the 88. I knew the way he bet that he had AA. A little team work downplaying his cards with the guy next to him however I read through it. But what can I say I was a dog and Joe wanted to go to the bar to find some 'company' for the night.

    Unsuccessful at poker and finding a beautiful 'Ms. Tiny' tonight... I was successful at catching a little beer buzz and sleeping in which was much needed.

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    posted by Tiny @ 1/29/2005 01:18:00 PM  
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